There are many buffalos (bison) at Antelope Island
Another buffalo
Old tractor
This buffalo was right next to the road!
Sunset at antelope island.
The shore
Seagulls on the lake
Amazing sunset colors
That's me
Carol and her new friend
Wildflower. It looks like a small sunflower (I obviously don't know many flower names =S)
Old pickup truck
Antelope Island's landscape
Another buffalo
Walking to the lake
The sunset colors at antelope island are always amazing. In this one my cammera exagerated the blue but it was there.
Korvyn's island. He claimed it first =(. I wish i had an island too...
Sunset on the horizon
We lost the trail on our way back and ran into a buffalo in the middle of those plants! No time for pictures there, the good thing is the buffalo didn't mind us passing by.
We finallly got out of there