On the road to Arches, with my mom and sister
The balanced rock
North Window Arch
The North Window from a distance
Double Arch
Double Arch
The trail to Double Arch
Delicate Arch viewed from "the view point"
Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch with my sister Paulina
Skyline Arch
Camping at Arches with Carol
How Arches are Formed
Turret Arch
The North and South Window Arches
Double Arch again
Skyline Arch
Inside the Fiery Furnace
Skull Arch
Landscape Arch
One of the many "fins" you may find at Arches Park
Navajo Arch
On the devil's garden trail
Walking on a fin on the devil's gardn trail
Double O' Arch
That's me (and another guy) on top of a fin
Making sure the trail is properly marked =)
The North Window
Carol, me, Jenna, and Korvyn on the base of the North Window Arch
Me, Carol, Jenna, and Korvyn
Carol and I with the South window on the background
Carol and I
Close to the Double Arch
Waiting to reserve a nice campground
As you can see, we waited several hours. But we had a nice deck of cards to entertain us
One of the many fins at Arches. The afternoon sun makes the color of this place be amazing
On our way to Delicate Arch with Jenna and Korvyn. With a heavy storm on the distance
It seems to be getting closer...
Dam it! It's now way to close!
It was fun though
It got very cold after the rain
The colors that surrounded us after the rain seemed out of this world.
On our way to Delicate Arch
On our way to Delicate Arch
This time we got to the arch a bit late.