Flathead Lake in Polson. This was about an hour and a half away from Glacier National Park. Polson city looked like a vacationist city, there were many houses arround the lake that had an amazing view and looked very expensive. We really liked the city.
Flathead Lake again. We really liked it.
Carol with Flathead lake in the background
Lake McDonald viewed from the Fish Creek campground at Glacier Park
Nice pond on the way to Kintla Lake
Kintla Lake
That's me!
Carol ready for the backcountry hike. Our campsite was 7 miles away from the car!
Carol on the way to the backcountry campsite at Kintla Lake
That's me!
Carol is getting a bit tired!
The lake's shore
Our tent! It weights 4 pounds =)
The view from the campground
Filling up the camelbak
The food/people hangout area =). This area always smells like food but bears know they can't get to it so they usually stay away.
Carol admiring the scenery
Our friend the chipmunk! He was always arround the hangout area.
Nice view of the lake. This was on the way back =(
Kintla lake again
Kintla Lake
Kintla Lake
Our poweful 4x4 =). I'm glad the muffler survived! We had to do 14 miles in a pretty bad, narrow dirt road from Polebridge to Kintla Lake. By the way, there was an amazing bakery at Polebridge, the "Polebridge Mercantile"
We saw a deer on the prarie. This was on the drive back to the Fish Creek campground
Flathead River
Rams spotted from the Going to the Sun Road
Nice view on the way to Iceberg Lake trailhead
Wild Goose Island at Saint Mary's Lake
Bear claws. We were now on the trail to Iceberg Lake
Small waterfalls next to trail
Where's Carol?
Nice view
Iceberg Lake is right in the middle of those mountains. Millions of years ago, there was an iceberg that filled up all that space!
Iceberg Lake straight ahead!
That's our friend Jordan! He actually did this twice.
Big chunk of ice
Iceberg lake. I really needed a better camera to fit those mountains in a picture.
Close to Iceberg Lake
On the way back to the trailhead
The weeping wall
The view from the Going To The Sun Road
Nice waterfall right next to the Going To The Sun Road