This is one of the first good views of the volcano. We were still about an hour away. If I remember right, it took us about 2 hours to get to the active crater.
The trail
We're getting closer and closer to the crater!
We were now about half a mile from the crater.
The trail viewed from above
Great view. We were now about 15 minutes from the crater.
There was a small cone inside the crater, about 9 feet high.
You can see the lava coming out the small cone! The wind always blows in the same direction so we were standing in a somewhat safe area.
The sulfur gas cleared out and we were able to get a good view of the inner cone.
Hikers chilling on the edge of the crater.
Risking it all for the picture!
The way down was awesome! You would slide one extra steplenght for each step you took! And if you fell down, the loose volcanic gravel would cushion your fall
We had lunch in a small shelter